Hygiene Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Skip Bin

9 May 2017
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Few experiences are more liberating than ridding your house of unnecessary junk. Whether you're clearing out or moving to a new property, finding a skip bin for hire is an excellent way to dump stuff en-masse. Before you go ahead and hire a skip bin, there are some hygiene considerations you should make.  

Skip bins aren't for household waste

When you have access to masses of space in which you can dump rubbish, it's tempting to fill it with everyday household items too. While this does give you a little extra wiggle room with your weekly garbage limit, it leads to a series of hygiene problems. When household rubbish such as food waste starts to decompose, it attracts vermin, which may then settle themselves in nearby properties. In addition, any skips left in the sun will begin to produce a smell, which won't make you popular with your neighbours.

If your skip is for rubbish pile ups, dispose of it promptly

Thankfully, landlords returning to find their tenants have left a pile of rubbish in their wake isn't a common occurrence. However, if you do encounter such issues and choose to use a skip for mass rubbish removal, try to dispose of its contents promptly. In doing so, you'll reduce the risk of your home coming into further contact with cockroaches and rats.

Try to store your skip away from direct sunlight

While you'll naturally want to keep your skip close to wherever the rubbish is coming from, you need to try and keep it away from direct sunlight too. In addition to food decomposing, so can soft furniture and wood. Although they won't attract maggots in the same way that food does, furniture may suffer from beetle infestations, which is unpleasant in itself.

Clean your skip between uses

Whether you choose to use the skip for household waste or other items, it doesn't hurt to clean it between uses. Scrub away any lingering debris or food particles, clean the sides with a cleaning agent, and hose it down. To reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your skip, place all smaller items of rubbish into bags so they don't roam free and stick to the sides.

While your skip will make life easier while you're having a clear out, you must always bear hygiene in mind. With a little extra effort, your skip can serve its purpose without causing any sanitary headaches.