How to Keep Pests Out of Your Skip Bin

30 January 2019
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If you've had problems with pests getting into skip bins in the past, then you'll worry that this might happen again now that you need to hire another bin. You don't want pests living so close to your home. What can you do to keep pests out of your skip until it is collected?

Keep Out Anything Attractive

Pests are more likely to be attracted to skip bins if they think that the bin contains something edible. Most skip bin hire companies ask you to not put food in your bin, and you should stick to this rule.

Even if your hire company doesn't mind certain types of foods, keep them out of the bin to start with. This also goes for anything that has a strong scent. Pests often have good senses of smell and they may be attracted to anything that smells strongly. So, don't throw air fresheners, scented artificial flowers or diffusers into the bin. This also goes for scented candles. For example, if you throw away a candle with a strawberry smell, then pests might come in to find the fruit. They won't know that it's the candle that smells so good.

Hire a Bin with a Lid

You can hire skip bins that come with lids or covers. A hinged metal or plastic lid that locks is your best option here. Pests will have to be really determined to get into a bin with this kind of lid.

Tarpaulin covers may be enough to keep the bin pest-free, but they aren't as good as rigid lids that are attached to the bin. Some pests may be able to crawl under the cover if there are any gaps available to them.

Fill Your Bin Late

Pests won't be as interested in an empty bin as a full one. So, consider collecting everything you need in one place before you hire the bin. You can then have it collected nearly immediately. Or, leave the bin empty until you've got everything that needs to go together. Again, you can then fill the bin, and have it collected pretty quickly.

If you are allowed to use your bin to dispose of food, then bag up everything you want to dump and keep it in the house. Put it in the bin just before it is collected. This won't give pests any time to investigate.

If you're worried about pests getting into your bin, talk to your skip bin hire company. They may also have some useful tips for you.