Four Extra Perks YOu Can Enjoy By Hiring A Mobile Bin

7 November 2016
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Bins are one of the most convenient ways to carry out a rubbish removal process within a commercial property. The bins are large and can hold large amounts of waste. You can also hire bins for a prolonged duration of time. Initially, the market was dominated by stationary bins (without wheels). However, today there are lots of mobile bins around. If you are seeking a commercial bin hire service, discover the different perks you stand to enjoy when you hire mobile bins.  

Can be used for trash collection in different locations

Unlike stationary bins, mobile trash bins can be moved around a property with ease by simply pushing them. Note that larger bins may need a few people to push, especially if they are even partially filled. Doing this will allow you to collect trash from different locations with more convenience. That is, you can use just one bin to collect trash around multiple locations. This also saves you from having to hire multiple bins for each of these locations.

Can be placed even in areas where the bin truck can't fit

Traditionally, a bin could only be placed in a location where the bin truck could easily access in order to drop off or load the bin. This is not necessary with mobile bins. The bins can be offloaded from the truck at any point and then pushed to the desired location. This allows you to place the bins in any location you want, even in tight spaces where a truck might not be able to access. During collection, the bin will simply be pushed to a location where the truck can access it.  

Can be used even in public areas with restricted bin laws

Sometimes space limitations mean that a bin has to be placed outside your property. For this to happen, a permit is usually required from the local council. As it turns out, bins with wheels are more likely to get considered for such permits because they can easily be moved out of the way in case of an obstruction. So if you're seeking a commercial bin hire and plan to place the bins outside your property, mobile bins will be a much better bet for you.  

Can be moved closer to the trash during collection

Lastly, another perk you can enjoy with mobile trash bins is that you can always move them closer to your rubbish for an easier time carrying out the removal. This is as opposed to situating the bin at one place and carrying trash over to it. By moving the bin closer, you ease the removal workload. You also reduce chances of littering your compound as you carry trash from the source to the bin.  

Talk to your commercial bin hire company and ask them about mobile bins. In many instances, mobile bins cost the same as stationary bins to hire so you might not even have to incur an extra penny to enjoy the added benefits showcased above.